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Green Stretch Film, with the help of its tiny pores that enables air to circulate in and out of the food plate ,
keeps your meals fresh and prevents the odors to mix each other within your deep freeze. With its particular self-sticking ability, Green Stretch Film is the easiest and the cheapest alternative to store your food.

We can provide you a safe and healthy storing atmosphere for the cheapest price with Green Stretch Film which is produced according to EU Health Regulations and imported with the Special Import permission given by the Ministry of Agriculture.

30cm x 10, 15, 30, 33... mt.
48 pcs / carton 48pcs / karton

30 cm x 300m x 9 micron
9-24 pcs / carton 9-24 pcs / karton

45 cm x 300m x 9 micron
9 adet /koli 9 pcs /karton

30 CM x 300M X 8 Micron
20 pcs / carton 20pcs /karton

45cm x 300m x 8 micron
12 adet /koli 12pcs /karton

30 cm x 9 micron
12 pcs / karton

45 cm x 9 micron
12 pcs / karton


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